Website & Updates

We originally started with a basic website layout to get things rolling, since 22nd of May 2020 we have started to create a bigger and better website, as we have thousands of different designs it can be quite difficult to organise them and have them all made available through our website, we are connected through several other marketplaces: amazon, ebay, etsy, fruugo, onbuy. It’s just a matter of time before we can get everything up to scratch. We have hundreds of idea’s but we can only do so much so we only ask that you are patient. 

Once the majority of our products are setup we would like to start offering fundraising services for charities, there are a lot of companies out there these days that offer similar services but they are also very greedy and as a fundraiser you’d want to make as much as you possible could, we intend to make this possible.

It should take around 2 weeks to get this website complete, but we will be posting weekly updates on our progress.

All the best and remember to stay safe!

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